• Pay zero making charges up to 18% on Gold, Silver jewellery, gold coins and gold bars from Rajakumari and get up to 50% off on making charges for Diamonds, Rose cut and Precious jewellery.
  • If the customer purchase Gold, Silver jewellery of making charge more than 18%, customer has to pay the additional making charge of the ornament (Eg. If the making charge is 24%, to be paid is 24%-18%=6%).
  • On joining the scheme, you have to select an amount of your choice as monthly advance payment. There are various slabs starting from Rs.1000 onwards.
  • You have to pay Ten equal monthly advance payments. After making the advance payment for the last month, you can buy your favourite Jewellery by availing a special discount.
  • The Easy Gold scheme helps you get more jewellery than you could have expected. The Scheme helps you plan in advance to buy jewellery for weddings and other auspicious occasions.
  • On completion the payment of 10 installments on the 10th month of the enrolment, the customer can avail discount up to 18% of making charges on Purchase of Gold, Silver Jewellery, Gold Coin & Gold bars and up to 50% discount on making charges for the purchase of Diamond, Rose cut and Precious Jewellery at the purchase day’s board rate under the Easy Gold Scheme to the accumulated value. The advance against purchase of jewellery is unique cannot be linked to any other existing schemes.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Advance payment should be made before 10th of every month by Cash/ DD/ Debit Card/ Credit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS/UPI/ Local Cheques/ Post dated Cheques/ At par Cheques and ONLINE at www.rajakumari.com. The Customer can give Post dated cheques for the entire period at their convenience. The advance amounts paid will not be eligible for any interest
  • The Advance payment cannot be extended beyond the 10 month period. The plan will be discontinued in the event of any default in the monthly advance payments. In the event of the member defaulting on any advance payment during the tenure or delay in payment more than 60 days, the plan will be discontinued from that month or Scheme can be continued but the member will not be entitled for special discount.
  • Taxes including GST and other Government levies will be borne by the Customer at the time of Delivery.
  • Excess purchase than scheme amount- Special Discount will be offered only for the amount paid as Scheme. If the scheme amount paid is 50000 and the customer buys for 100000, the offer of discount will be given only for 50000.
  • In case of change in address, the customer should inform the company immediately and submit the KYC details.
  • The customer can redeem the scheme from any of the Rajakumari Showroom across India.
  • Customers who choose to pre close the enrollment will not be eligible for any discounts.
  • The customer can purchase Gold, Diamond, Silver Jewellery from the 10th month of enrolment, up to 345 days.
  • Under the scheme the Gold rate on the date of sale will be applied.